The school Director Dr. P. Usha Devi is an Educational Consultant and Educational
Psychologist. She is an academician of high caliber with blended thoughts of service and humanity. She is a very dynamic and enthusiastic lady...
The School provides a free day care training centre for the Mentally Challenged boys
and girls. The Training programmes target at functional academics, Life Skills training, Social Skills Training...
Sreya Foundation
# 9-11-8/30, Sivajipalem,
Visakhapatnam-530 017.
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile : 09290457978
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  Welcome to Sreya Foundation
Aims Objectives
  • To promote the welfare of the society through Education, Training and Voluntary service.
  • To work for the moral, educational, medical and social benefits and the development of society in general.
  • To strive for the broader aim of “Education for All”.
  • To establish special schools for the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged.
  • To run and take care of the institutes for the socially deprived children like street children, orphans, juvenile delinquents, children of prisoners, children of the diseased etc
  • To Work towards the abolition of child labor and to provide them the privilege of education, shelter and food.
  • To establish Adult education centers and bridge schools for the school dropouts.
  • To establish education centers for the women both academic and vocational.
  • To provide computer education and strive for computer literacy.
  • To prepare, print and publish books, periodicals, pamphlets & other educational or publicity materials, audios, videos and movies or have them prepared, printed and /or published.
  • To offer consultancy services for the educational & general backwardness of children.
  • To offer consultancy services for the emotional and behavioral problems of the children.
  • To offer guidance and consultancy services for the schools & colleges.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, training courses, camps, competitions, exhibitions, fairs etc for the promotion of education.
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